We love Chester

We love Chester our farm cat.  He is somewhat a strange cat but he really can’t be blamed for that.  A little over 10 years ago Chester was dropped off at our house.

Weasel loves Chester!

We took him in and started to care for him but our dog Weasel took over the task.  She would play with Chester, a lot of times a little rougher than I would like.  I soon found out that Chester liked it.  He loved Weasel and they are the closest of friends.  They still play a lot even though they are both getting older.  They love to play hide and seek.  I really enjoy watching them.

Chester the cat. You can tell from the picture he has an attitude.

Chester has quite an attitude and he isn’t afraid to show it.  For years no one even knew we had a cat because he would hide somewhere on the farm when company came.  The last few years he comes around company but he prefers not to be touched.

Him and I are good friends and he lets me know when I am not paying proper attention to him.  He sits on the railing of the porch and will grab me with his claws as I walk by.  He is somewhat demanding.  He only likes to be held when he wants you to.

Chester is a great farm cat

Lately Chester is doing a pretty good job on the war of voles at our house.  As the snow is melting we are being invaded by voles.  Now if you have never seen a vole they look somewhat like a mouse or a hamster with a shorter tail than a mouse and a longer tail than a hamster.  They are somewhat vicious little creatures and will stand up on their hind legs and fight with Chester when he tries to catch them.

Chester loves to share

Chester loves to share.  Every morning for the past few weeks we are lucky enough to have what is left of a dead vole on our front porch and another on our back porch.  He wants to make sure we know he is doing his job and earning his keep.

Animals are so much fun!!  Chester is no exception!

I hope you enjoy my post.  Be sure and share it with the cat lover in your life.  They will understand Chester I am sure!

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