Teaching kindness to a child

Teaching kindness is a very important lesson for children to learn at a young age.  We live in a small town, where people know you and your reputation.  They remember the people that are bullies, and can usually tell you what those people were like from the time they started school right up to adults.   The sad thing is, you can see the same traits in their children and grandchildren.  Since most of them continue to live in the same community their entire lives.

Teaching kindness

Children learn by example from the people they are in contact with and their friends.  In this cute book “A Little Fox Named Filmore” the author tells the story of how an animal is picked on by other animals.  This story displays a  great example of how children are picked on or bullied for various reasons by other children.


Teach kindness to a child.
                        A great book to help teach kindness to a child. 

About the Author and Illustrator

The Author and Illustrator of this book are perfect examples of how important it is to treat others with kindness.  Their friendship dates back to when they were children sharing picture books.  Rebecca Homan Coors, the Author and Amy Williams, the illustrator of “A Little Fox Named Filmore” have several things in common.  They both have a love for art, animals and this story.

How to treat others

If you are looking for a book to teach a child about treating others with kindness “A Little Fox Named Filmore”  would be an excellent fit.  The pictures are bright and colorful with a story line that displays  a gentle lesson of kindness.

This book can be purchased by following this link on Amazon.


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