How Can You Teach Your Children to Help Others? Kids Respond to Books!

One of the greatest things you can do for your children is to teach them.  They look to us for guidance and direction and really they expect it from us.

We all know what happens to caterpillars and how their lives change.  Do you ever wonder if they know what to expect.  Can you imagine the influence your child has on other children from the example you set and the values you teach.

Kids love books and can learn a lot from the stories they read.   “The Very Loving Caterpillar.”  is a book about love and concern for his family, friends and his village.  Will this little caterpillar be able to help them all?

Very Loving Caterpillar
                         Books are great to teach children valuable lessons.

The pictures in this book are bright and colorful, sure to capture a little toddlers attention.  I especially liked the expressions on the caterpillars faces.

Sean Browne really wanted to be a film maker.  He wanted to make films about caterpillars and butterflies.  When it was suggested to him that he write a book he took on the challenge.

Want a copy of this fun book?  Just follow this link “The Very Loving Caterpillar.” to get yours today.

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