Slippers for Hannah ~ a story about friendship and love

How do you teach friendship and love to a child?  Have you ever noticed children pay attention to  everything you do and say, even if you think they are not listening.  So I guess one of the answers would have to be, by example.  The book “Slippers for Hannah” is a great example of friendship and love.

Kids learn from example

In “Slippers for Hannah,” Hannah is a sweet little gold and brown chicken.   She lives on my farm in the heart of Idaho.  Hannah’s very good friend is Harold the rooster.  (They are good friends in real life.) Harold and Hannah both live in a pen of furry friends here on my farm.  They are like a family and all get along very well.  Each animal has such a cute personality that shines in the story.

Children's books
                     A great book to help teach and encourage friendship and love

In the story, when Hannah has a problem, Harold and all of the animals work together to help her solve it.  They all want Hannah to be happy.  So they join together and come up with a solution.

I love to hear the responses of the children as we read the story.  They come up with thought provoking solutions of their own.  I love to hear the giggles as we read through the book.  The best part is the laughter of the children at the end of the story on the very last page.  The picture is an original picture.


Friends Jumping
Pictures of the real farm animals bring the story to life.

Kids love to learn the names

Kids seem to love the pictures of the live farm animals.  I love that they learn the names of the animals and relate to them so well – because they are real animals.

It is always fun to hear which animal is their favorite animal and why.

Hannah and her friends
             Hannah and her friends. Which one is your favorite.


How did “Slippers for Hannah” come about?

I came home from church one day and saw my the animals in this pen playing and being silly.  But Hannah was the one I really laughed about.

I love to take pictures!  I ran into the house and got my camera and took a lot of pictures.  They all were so funny, especially Hannah. Later that week I decided to write a book about my animals for my grandchildren.  This is when the fun started.

I love books with meanings and gentle lessons.  Kids learn from example.  They can learn from watching and listening to the characters in books.  In this heart warming story children learn when you work together in friendship and love problems can be solved.

I had a few people illustrate a picture of Skeeter the Alpaca.  While the pictures were really cute they just couldn’t work for me.  These animals are real, I feed them everyday. They couldn’t be cartoon characters in my books, it just didn’t work.  That is when I decided to use my real pictures.  I also took pictures of the mountains among other things to use as the backdrop for my animals.

As I worked on my book I showed it to some of my friends.  They liked it so well and ask for a copy also.  I finally decided to publish it.  It took me a year to finish and learn the publishing process.  Finally it was complete!

I wanted my books to be made in the USA.  The publishing cost a little more, but it was worth it to me.  I also wanted the pictures to be photo quality.  So in the hardcover books the pictures are a higher quality, thus costing a little more.  To date I have sold over 800 copies of my books.

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