Books with a Purpose. You Are Enough!

I like books that have a purpose to teach the reader or in this case parents important life lessons.  That is probably the reason I loved this book.

Funny Bunny Feelings” is a great example of us as a parent.
I think back as I was raising children.  There was always so much to do in my every day life that sometimes I didn’t take time out for the things that were really most important, my children.

Some days are just busy!

We are all very hard on ourselves, and I really did take more time than I give myself credit for when I had children at home.  But as I look back I really did keep busy just with the everyday things that I thought needed to be done.

In this book the “Funny Bunny Feelings” written by Joanne Tan Casem she helps us understand what really is important in our lives.  This is a cute story that everyone should read.  While your child will enjoy the story, you the reader will get something out of it also.

Children's book
I loved this book. Great for the child, but also for the parents.

I always love to hear the stories from the Authors behind the books.  How did they get started and what intrigued them to write a story.

About the Author & Illustrator

Joanne Casem stated, “It took me 2 years to look for the best illustrator. I wanted to make sure the illustrations convey the perfect funny feelings that “first time moms” feel throughout the journey. I came across Hannah’s illustration thru hashtags in instagram. She’s all the way in London, so our book was created with details of how we perceive motherhood across two very different cultures, but one language of mother’s love ❤️”

I really liked that.  No matter where you live a Mother’s Love is always the same.

Joanne also went on to tell me she wrote this book for therapy to help her cope with the overwhelming feelings of becoming a first time working mom.  “There is so much desire to do it all, and be all and very little talk about just do your all.  I want to remind every mom that you are doing enough because sometimes that is all we need to hear to keep going.”  

One of my favorite thoughts, because I have felt this way and I know that everyone else probably has at some point in their lives, even if we don’t talk about it.

“All you can be, is all you can be, and all you can be is enough.”

In her search for an illustrator she did find a very talented one when she found Hannah Varela.  I really liked the way she portrayed the characters.   They were a good fit right along with this cute story.   They were very colorful and lots for a child to look at while the story is being read.

I would recommend this book, not just for moms but anyone that feels inadequate as a parent.  We all need reminders that we are enough.

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