Getting Lost is Scary for a Child and a Parent

Have you ever lost your child in a grocery store or had them wander off somewhere else.  This can be a terrifying experience for the child, and also for the parent, as they search frantically for them.

Because we have always lived in the country, when I would take my kids to the city I always worried about them and watched them so close, holding their hands or having them hold onto the shopping carts when I didn’t have enough hands.

You want to protect your child

You really want to protect your child and keep them safe, but at the same time allow them the space they need to grow up.  You want to tell them the dangers of wandering off, but you don’t want to terrify them in the process.

I was sent this wonderful book “Getting Home” written by J.R. Poulter and illustrated by Muza Ulasowski. I absolutely love the beautiful pictures and the way they depict the story and characters so well.  “Getting Home” demonstrates how terrifying it is to be lost and how sweet it is when you are found.  There is a gentle lesson of the dangers when the child does not listen to their mom.

Getting Home

About the Author

The Author J.R. Poulter has published over 30 children’s titles in Australia, UK, Europe and the USA.  She has won major awards with her books.  She has more books to come.  She loves teaching children the fun they can have with words.  You can find more of her work on

About the Illustrator

Illustrator Muza Ulasowski is a graphic designer/illustrator.  She works from her home in Brooksfield in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.  She has been illustrating children’s picture books since 2010.  She has illustrated 10 children’s books. She is currently illustrating several more which will be published in 2017.  You can find more of her work at and her Etsy Page.

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This is a fun book with interesting Polar Bear Facts at the end to help your child learn even more.

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