Life Is a Journey to Be Enjoyed

Life is a journey.  Sometimes we are in good parts of our lives where things are easy and relaxing.  Other times we have journeys that become hard and a lot of work.  These things

Life is a journey to be lived

we just have to work through and keep pushing along.  Sometimes it is hard to stop and enjoy the good things around us, but other times we learn valuable lifelong lessons while taking that journey.

In this adventurous book the “Journey of Egg and Rabbit” there are a variety of lessons.  Rabbit a cute cuddly little character is quite adamant about taking his friend the egg with him on a journey.  He encounters many obstacles and learns a lot of lifelong lessons in his quest.

Lee Grass
A fun adventure with Egg and Rabbit.

I loved the story.  As I read the words on the pages I could picture this adventure in my head.  Sometimes I really wanted to help rabbit along and other times I was cheering silently when he overcame problems and grew from them.

Heartfelt book

I love stories that involve animals.  Lee Grass is the author and illustrator of this heartfelt book. She keeps you wanting to know what will come next in this cute story.  I also enjoyed the sequel to “Journey of Egg and Rabbit” titled “Journey of Egg and Rabbit Reunion.”  You never know what part someone will play in your life.  And at the end of the day you may never realize they played a part at all.


Lee Grass
 If you loved the first book, you will love this one.

About the Author

Lee Grass has an acute sensitivity to nature.  She has had many adventures in her own life.  Her favorite has been the time she spent with her Jack Terrier.

Lee’s books are available on Amazon, you can follow this link.  You can purchase in e-book or kindle format or a paperback version.  It is the perfect book for 8 year olds and up.

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