Kids Love Rhyming Mixed Up Fun

Kids love rhyming mixed up fun!!  This weekend we had a houseful of grandkids come to visit.  Ok it really was only a 18 month old, a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 year old, but at times it got a little bit noisy. Therefore at times it felt like a house full.   I loved every minute of their visit.  We had so much fun.

When the grandkids come they spend most of the time outside in Papa’s Park and Grammy’s Zoo.  They love to play on all the toys and the swing set in our yard.  They also love to help me do chores, gather the eggs and most of all ride Gus the donkey.

Quite time – we read books

When they get tired, ok really it is I get tired we go inside to find something a little more calm to do.  This is when we sit down to read books.  I have quite a few books to review so we started out to read those.  Of course we have to read Grammy’s books also.  The kids love those.  Especially because they know the animals in the stories.

Love to hear them giggle

I loved to hear them giggle as I read this book “Animiximals” written by Crystal Wenger.  They like the rhyming story that went along with the pictures.  They each had their favorite mixed up pictures.  This book was read more than once.  The 18 month old didn’t sit to listen but would stop occasionally to point at the pictures and jabber away.

Fun book for kids
Kids love rhyming mixed up fun

“Animiximals” was illustrated by Shannen Marie Paradero.  The pictures are bright, colorful and fun!  The kids really enjoyed looking at them as the book was read to them.

About the Author

Crystal and her husband Jeremy live in NW Missouri with their four children.  She is a specialist in the field of Child Welfare.  Crystal has worked in the head start program for 10 years.

She loves to write rhymes that make children giggle.  This is a fun filled book my grandkids enjoyed.  If you would like to share it with the kids in your life you can find it here.


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