Trouble Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

How many times as a child did you sit and look at your vegetables, slide them around on your plate among other tricks, to try to make it look like you ate them?  (Contains affiliate links)

Now your the parent.  Do your kids do the same thing to try to avoid eating their vegetables?  If only they could taste like chocolate, ice cream or some other sweet treat.

As an adult, I really like to eat my vegetables.  They are usually the first thing I clean off my plate.  Especially my carrots out of the garden.  They are so sweet.  I think after you eat something for a while you develop a taste for it.  I learned to eat my vegetables because they are good for me.  But how do you convince your kids to eat them.

Sometimes kids listen better when someone else tells them to do something.  In this cute book “The Easter Bunny Eats Vegetables” Meg Touchton explains to children why they should eat their vegetables.  The Easter Bunny may bring candy, but that isn’t what he eats.

Encourage your kids to eat their vegetables.

Meg was inspired to write this story when her daughter was a toddler and would not eat her carrots.  She thought who eats vegetables?  The Easter Bunny!

Meg lives in the foothills of Colorado.  She loves being a mom of two.  She gets her inspiration from her two daughters and from nature.

I love the bright colored pictures by Dasguptarts, a very talented artist.  The pictures depict the story very well as this bright eyed little Easter Bunny goes along on his journey to deliver Easter baskets full of candy.

Just in time for Easter “The Easter Bunny Eats Vegetables.”   This book can be purchased in paperback as well as an Ebook.

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