A Great Book to Teach Letters and Numbers

Books are an important part of my life.  I love books that teach, not only life principles, but also educational books.  Kids learn so much when they are young.  I believe it is important to read to them right from the beginning of their lives.  (Product received opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links)

These books were sent to me and I really liked them.   I decided to share them with you.  The author Keith Wheeler works a full time job and has 4 kids of his own.  He knows the importance of teaching, especially with repetition.

My Buddy Knows – Series to Teach

In the “My Buddy Knows” series he has written two books.  These books are short and simple and great for teaching.  I could see my own young grandchildren memorizing each page and repeating it while looking at the pictures.  This is the repetition that teaches the site recognition.  While repeating it they learn the sound that the letters make.

Book #1 “My Buddy Knows Letters”

The first book is about “My Buddy Knows Letters.”  What a fun way to teach kids their letters.  My Buddy knows letters has been a number one selling book.

Best seller children's book
#1 Best seller book. Great book to teach Children the alphabet

Book #2 “My Buddy Knows Numbers”

The second book is “My Buddy Knows Numbers.”  Learning to count the item on the page is an important part of this book.  While counting it also helps teach the children to recognize the numbers.

My Buddy knows numbers
Great book to teach numbers and counting.

This is a great series of books to help children learn.  I would recommend it for young children eager to learn.

I hope you enjoy my blogpost.  Please come back for more children’s book reviews.  Please share with someone eager to teach their child.

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