Gently Teaching a Child About Dangers

When you live on a farm there are a lot of dangers to watch out for.  It has been very important to teach these dangers to our children and grandchildren.  We have always had tractors and heavy equipment parked around the farm.  It is important for them to learn they are not a place to play and when an engine starts up you move somewhere you will be safe.

Animals on a farm can also be very dangerous, even though some of them look pretty harmless .  Some of the animals are very tame, but they still needed to learn to respect them.  Some of them are very wild like the cows.  The kids need to learn how to act around them to be safe.

Just as things can be dangerous on a farm, there are dangers where ever you live.  Children need to be taught what is safe and what is not safe around their homes.

I loved this cute book “Saylor on the Seashore” .  It was inspired by true events.   Just like our children, animals teach their offspring the dangers in life.   Saylor is a fun loving Seagull.  He has been told many stories to warn him about the dangers in the Florida Panhandle.  He has a loving mom and dad that watch over him.  He has made many friends, to help him also.  But one day Saylor is in trouble.  You will have to read the book to see who jumps into action and comes to his rescue.

Saylor on the Seashore
               Saylor, a young seagull, who forgets to watch out for all of the dangers.

Tonya Calvert, the Author of this adventurous book loves to write stories.  She is inspired by the nature  around her as she walks on the Florida Gulf Coast to visit her favorite destinations.  She lives a blessed life and is married to her high school sweetheart.  Together they have 3 boys.

The pictures in this book are bright and playful.  I love the expressions on the characters faces as they jump into action.  The Illustrator Alejandro Echavez has a unique way of telling this story through the characters.  He became very interested in art at the young age of 6.  Still a kid at heart he has nurtured and developed his natural talent.  He continues to work on children’s books and other artwork he is known for.

This is a good book to gently teach children to listen and understand the dangers in life.  This book can be purchased by following this link.

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