Every Chapter is a Great Adventure

My moto is “Learn to love to read …. every book is a new adventure!”

Kids love adventures.  When you can’t go on an adventure the next best thing is through a book.  When my kids were younger we would take adventures with a book every night before they went to sleep.  I really enjoyed snuggling on the bed as we read together.  What a fun memory.

A Book Full of Adventures

Fanpenciltastic: Billy and the Missing Alphabet Letters” is a book full of excitement.  Billy is a pencil that doesn’t want to just write about adventures!  Billy wants to experience them, and that he does with  every page of this exciting story.  Every letter has a new twist to one big adventure all rolled up in one.  With each chapter you want to read a little bit more to see what will happen next.

Great adventure book!

Great demonstration of team work

You won’t get bored with this story as Billy tries to find all of the letters and encourage them to go home to join the rest of their friends.  Even though it appears to be a lot of reading for some age groups, it can be read a chapter at a time and not be overwhelming.  You can easily pick up where you left off.

Children's books
          Adventure, rhyming, tongue twisting, jokes, mystery all wrapped up in  fun!

I like that Billy has to be brave as he goes though all of these adventures, but he also relies on others to help him.  A great example of team work.

About the Author

The Author Tessa Kavanagh lives South East of Ireland with her husband.  She has always enjoyed writing stories.  Tessa decided to settle on a career of writing after winning prizes for her essays and poems on a writer’s website.  Fanpenciltastic is her first novel.  She is the author and the illustrator of this entertaining adventure novel.

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