The Christmas Gift – a story told by Grandma Cookie

I love family traditions.  Every year for Christmas we read a Christmas book.  Sometimes they were simple short story books and other times they were chapter books.  Each year I add a Christmas book to my collections  .  I bring these books out at Christmas time.  Reading, what a special way to build a memory and spend time with your children or grandchildren.

Grandma Cookie tells the story of the Nativity

The Christmas Gift a story told by Grandma Cookie, was added to the series in 2015.  It is my favorite book in all of my collection.  Not because I wrote it, but because the feeling I get when I read it.  Grandma Cookie is a 15 year old goat.  She has earned the title Grandma, because she has had many generations of baby goats.  She tells the story of the Live Nativity and has been a part of the program for many years.

The Christmas Gift

I love the pictures in The Christmas Gift book.  Yes most of them are my grandchildren, but that is not the only reason I love the pictures so much.  It is because of what each of these pictures represent.  This is one of my favorite pictures.



The real meaning of Christmas

This book was written to teach the real meaning of Christmas in a way children can understand.  Besides who wouldn’t listen to a goat named Grandma Cookie.

You can order this book and others written and illustrated by me Brenda Anderson.  I can even sign it and personalize it for you.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.  May it be filled with love and the true meaning of Christmas.

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