Children's book

Kids Love Rhyming Mixed Up Fun

Kids love rhyming mixed up fun!!  This weekend we had a houseful of grandkids come to visit.  Ok it really was only (more…)


Trouble Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

How many times as a child did you sit and look at your vegetables, slide them around on your plate among other tricks, to try to make it look like you ate them?  (Contains affiliate links) (more…)

Smiles and Giggles are Contagious

Smiles are contagious and so are giggles.  Can you think of a better way to start the day than with smiles and giggles.  This is a bright happy book to encourage happy kids, because smiles are contagious. (more…)

A Great Book to Teach Letters and Numbers

Books are an important part of my life.  I love books that teach, not only life principles, but also educational books.  Kids learn so much when they are young.  I believe it is important to read to them right from...Read More

Buffy's Wish

Wishes come true!

Wishes come true! Everyone makes wishes in one form or another.  We all set goals and dream of things we would like to happen in our lives, to make them better or maybe a little easier.  It is important to...Read More