Kids and Kids

The Kidding Has Begun, Our First Set of Twins

The kidding has begun, our first set of twins. I love baby goats! The first set of twins are here!  I love spring and I love baby goats, actually I love babies of most any kind!  (more…)

Alpca farm

The Springtime Hummmm has begun!

The spring time hummmm has begun at my house.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I look forward to it because (more…)

Nubian Goats

Will you serve us breakfast in bed?

Will you serve us breakfast in bed?  While most parts of the country are now warming up and the snow is melting.  We are still covered in a good 10 inches of snow.   (more…)

Buffy's Wish a great gift

A gift from the heart.

Looking for a fun gift that can be enjoyed year round? "Buffy's Wish" is a cute story about Buffy a fluffy little white chicken.  She has a wish and is sure it will come true if she works really hard...Read More


We love Chester

We love Chester our farm cat.  He is somewhat a strange cat but he really can't be blamed for that.  A little over 10 years ago Chester was dropped off at our house. (more…)


Cute young moose on the loose

We have had a fun visitor for the last few weeks at our house.  He has been so fun to watch as he wanders around. (more…)

Our Live Nativity….

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This past week we hosted our annual Christmas Live Nativity for our friends, family and neighbors. This has been our family tradition for many years. (more…)

Merino sheep – Reno

This is Reno my Merino sheep.  Life on a farm is sweet!  Especially when you get to share it with family.  This is my little grandson.  Flashback six years ago, he is feeding my lamb Reno.  I love this picture,...Read More

Mackay Christmas Bazaar

The annual Mackay Christmas Bazaar is always a fun event to attend to start the Holiday Season.  What better place to buy handcrafted items made by local people.  I love to give handcrafted gifts.  Whether I make them or they...Read More

Bedtime Stories

Stories at bedtime, a way of stalling or something the kids really enjoy?  If you can instill in your children the love for books, they can learn anything.  A Book at our house (more…)

Buffy's Wish

Buffy’s Wish

We all have wishes and dreams we work towards and Buffy is no exception.  Buffy is a cute little white Silkie chicken (more…)