Getting Home

Getting Lost is Scary for a Child and a Parent

Have you ever lost your child in a grocery store or had them wander off somewhere else.  This can be a terrifying experience for the child, and also for the parent, as they search frantically for them. (more…)

Lee Grass

Life Is a Journey to Be Enjoyed

Life is a journey.  Sometimes we are in good parts of our lives where things are easy and relaxing.  Other times we have journeys that become hard and a lot of work.  These things (more…)

Teach kindness to a child.

Teaching kindness to a child

Teaching kindness is a very important lesson for children to learn at a young age.  We live in a small town, where people know you and your reputation.  They remember (more…)

Kids and Kids

The Kidding Has Begun, Our First Set of Twins

The kidding has begun, our first set of twins. I love baby goats! The first set of twins are here!  I love spring and I love baby goats, actually I love babies of most any kind!  (more…)

C. Fulsty

Be Yourself You are Unique!!

You are unique!  Sometimes in life people feel like they have to change so they can fit in with everyone else.  It is ok to be your best self, because you are unique and you are someone special! (more…)


Every Chapter is a Great Adventure

My moto is "Learn to love to read .... every book is a new adventure!" Kids love adventures.  When you can't go on an adventure the next best thing is through a book. (more…)

Children's book

Books with a Purpose. You Are Enough!

I like books that have a purpose to teach the reader or in this case parents important life lessons.  That is probably the reason I loved this book. (more…)

Children's book

Kids Love Rhyming Mixed Up Fun

Kids love rhyming mixed up fun!!  This weekend we had a houseful of grandkids come to visit.  Ok it really was only (more…)


Trouble Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

How many times as a child did you sit and look at your vegetables, slide them around on your plate among other tricks, to try to make it look like you ate them?  (Contains affiliate links) (more…)

Smiles and Giggles are Contagious

Smiles are contagious and so are giggles.  Can you think of a better way to start the day than with smiles and giggles.  This is a bright happy book to encourage happy kids, because smiles are contagious. (more…)