Be Yourself You are Unique!!

You are unique!  Sometimes in life people feel like they have to change so they can fit in with everyone else.  It is ok to be your best self, because you are unique and you are someone special!

You gotta love Blake

You gotta love this cute little snake named Blake in this book “Blake and the Turtles!”   I do not like snakes!  So I can understand totally where these turtles were coming from.  I do like turtles though.  I have to admit I kind of took the side of the these turtles when I started to read this book, just because Blake is a snake.  But they soon changed my mind because of their attitudes and the way I felt about them.

C. Fulsty
                                    Be yourself! You are unique!

Sometimes in life we are quick to jump to conclusions just because of the circumstances or the way someone looks or makes you feel.  Just like this snake and these turtles in this fun book.

Teach kindness

We forget the things that we say or the way we act can really hurt someones feelings.  I think this is an important concept to teach children.  I feel it is important for them to stop and think of others before they act  and really consider what the consequences would be for them or for that person.  It is also important for them to learn to stand up for themselves and the things they believe in, not just try to fit in with the crowd.

This is a fun book to teach just that.  “Blake and the Turtles”  teach a child to be kind to others and also teaches sometimes things are not really what they appear to be.

About the Author

The Author C. Fulsty has published many books.  All of his books focus on good morals, rhyming fun and a bit of a surprising twist in the story.  He enjoys speaking to groups and visiting schools to read his books to the students.

Shanilee Fields illustrated “Blake and the Turtles”.  The pictures are bright and fun.  They fit the story perfectly with cute expressions on the faces of the characters.

“Blake and the Turtles” can be found by following this link.  Look for other books written by C Fulsty.

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