About Me

Me and Grandma Cookie
Me and Grandma Cookie

Hi my name is Brenda Anderson, or also known as “The Farmers Wife”. I live on a farm in the heart of Idaho. I am blessed with a beautiful family, the cutest little Grandkiddies and an awesome husband.
I love to write children’s books. I wrote my first book “Slippers for Hannah” for my Grandchildren. This is where “The Farmers Wife Series” started. I had so much fun with that book I added two more books to the series, The Christmas Gift a story told by Grandma Cookie and Buffy’s Wish. I love to take pictures and work them into stories. I also enjoy writing.

I originally thought I would have my books illustrated, but my animals are real, I feed them everyday.  Therefore the  illustrations didn’t work for me. So I edited the pictures I had taken of my animals, and took a couple thousand more (seriously). The backdrop pictures are of the valley I live in. I put the pictures all together to create my books.

I have had a lot of help and support as I have gone through the publishing process. I thank my husband for his patience and encouragement. Our kids and grandkids have all supported me and cheered me on. I also appreciate friends and family that have had a part in helping me.

I have learned one thing in this process….. dreams can come true. You just have to believe in yourself and work towards them.