The Kidding Has Begun, Our First Set of Twins

The kidding has begun, our first set of twins.

I love baby goats!

The first set of twins are here!  I love spring and I love baby goats, actually I love babies of most any kind! (probably not snakes and spiders though) This is Emmy Lou.  She is in “The Christmas Gift a story told by Grandma Cookie.” In the book she was just a baby, and it was her first Christmas.  EmmyLou is excited and is wondering what is going on.  She asks Grandma Cookie, and that is when she is told the story of why we celebrate Christmas.  This is a beautiful story, and a treasured memory for our family.

Goats and kidding
 Kidding has begun.  Emmy Lou and her set of twins. I love spring time!

Emmy Lou is a great mom!

Emmy Lou was raised on a bottle 3 years ago.  Her mom wouldn’t take her.  She was sure that Emmy Lou was not her baby and ran around the barnyard crazily looking for her baby. Emmy Lou became my baby and I have loved her ever since.

She is very gentle and is such a good mom.  This year she has two beautiful little does, they are healthy and strong.  She is very protective and takes such good care of them.

Life is sweet!

My little granddaughter was here when they were born.  She is 2 1/2 and was so excited.  She had been helping me do chores all weekend and those babies weren’t there earlier.  After they were born she stood in amazement in the doorway of the shed and watched as I dried the babies off and helped them start eating from their mom, Emmy Lou.  After they were dry we left EmmyLou to enjoy her sweet new babies and we went in to eat lunch.

Kids and Kids
            “I just love baby goats!” Is what my granddaughter said. “Can I kiss her?”

After lunch we checked on the babies.  My little granddaughter was so excited to sit in the straw and hold the babies on her lap.  They were dry, soft and so sweet.  She said to me “Grammy, I love baby goats.”  Aww this makes my heart sing coming from a little girl that lives in the city.  Earlier that day she said “Grammy I am a farm girl.”  I enjoyed watching her sit in the straw petting those babies so gently.  Then she said “Grammy can I give her a kiss.”  So Sweet!

Treasure those sweet moments!

I treasure moments like this with little kids.  I love the time I get to spend teaching them through real life experiences or through a book.  Life is to be loved!

Be sure and look at Brenda’s Kids Books for books you can experience with your kids and grandkids.  I hope you will love the time you get to spend with them reading.  Those moments are precious and treasured for a life time.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.  Please share it with others.  Tell me what you like to do with your grandkids/Kids.  I would love to hear.

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